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Fibonum Bonus Part

Referral program

If you invite new users, you shall receive a referral bonus — 5% of the amount spent on tokens.

Bonuses are only awarded for new funds, on top of the previously spent funds.

Passive Income

All token owners receive a 2% dividend of the total FCT tokens bought in the project.

It means each user shall receive a passive income of 2% of the project's total turnover.

What about other bonuses?

Carry out simple actions and regularly earn between 1 and 1,000 dollars in FCT equivalent per action. Perform actions in a sequence and receive tasks with a higher payment.

There are 10 tasks in total, but the list will be expanded over time.

Anyone can join the bonus program.

To start earning bonuses, open our Telegram chat bot and write 'I want tokens'

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