You need to install MetaMask in your browser and to be signed in in main network to buy or sell tokens. If you have any questions, please write


We are crypto-anarchists who prove — in actual practice — that fair and transparent projects are more popular, reliable and profitable than shadow schemes.

Fibonum is the first-ever project based on the Ethereum blockchain and having an unlimited operation period thanks to 100% backing of token value by reserves. It's a game changer on the online investment market — the only of its kind.

It's changing the online investment market. Once and for all. We want the market to be fair and transparent. It must all follow pre-determined rules. With no hidden manipulations by the administration or external forces. The market must be free of projects where failure is initially pre-determined or planned by the administration.

To start, install the MetaMask extension in the Chrome web-browser or the Trust app on your mobile phone. Then, fill your MetaMask or Trust wallet with the amount in ETH you plan to spend on FCT tokens (+ fee amount). After this, you can use your MetaMask or Trust wallet to exchange your ЕТН for FCT. For more details, navigate to Guidelines

You can maximize your profit by actively trading in tokens. In just a single cycle, token price can grow by over 35%. The number of cycles is unlimited. You can also earn by receiving referral bonuses (5% of the tokens bought by your referral) or dividends (2% of tokens bought by each user is proportionately distributed among all token owners).

The smart contract algorithm is a guarantee in itself. Token price (adjusted for fluctuations within the pre-determined range) is 100% backed by ETH reserve on the smart contract account. It means that all users (down to the very last one) can sell their tokens while the average token price remains the same.

Add the following at the end of the section: For more details, navigate to Guidelines

Add the following at the end of the section: For more details, navigate to Guidelines

You can exchange the previously purchased FCT tokens on your balance in the MetaMask or Trust wallet for ETH at the current rate by using the sell order form available on the web-site, or from the Trust application by sending the FCT tokens to the smart contract address.

The commission fee for the first purchase of tokens is 7% (5% is distributed as a referral bonus and 2% as dividends). If you buy tokens again after they have been sold, the buying commission will be 2% (distributed as dividends). The selling commission is always 0%.

Install the MetaMask extension on Google Chrome. More details in this Youtube video.

Install a wallet on your mobile phone, select the ETH currency in the wallet, top up your wallet with ETH in any way convenient for you.

Open your MetaMask wallet, copy the ETH address and send ETH to this address in any way convenient for you.

Open your Trust wallet, select the ETH currency, copy the ETH address and send ETH to this address in any way convenient for you.

For attracting new members to FCT, a referral bonus of 5% of the amount for which the tokens were purchased is credited (see other questions of FAQ for more details on the rules of bonus calculation).

There is one referral level. The referral bonus is credited for personally invited referrals on the first level.

2% of all purchased tokens are distributed in the form of dividends between all FCT holders.

The FIBONUM project can work independent from the web-site. The smart contract works for as long as the Ethereum ecosystem itself exists, which guarantees its security.

The project logic is based on the unique algorithm that is fundamentally different from the Ponzi scheme (in which payments are made to original investors at the expense of new ones). A totally different principle allows to use exchange mechanisms with cyclical rate fluctuations. At a comparable prospect of return, there are no risks for the project to collapse.

The token rate is controlled by algorithms embedded in the smart contract, which are cyclical in nature and have an increasing amplitude of rate fluctuation.

In just one cycle, the token rate can grow by more than 35%.

The number of cycles is not limited.

A unique algorithm ensures that the token average price on each new cycle is slightly higher than on the previous cycles. The average token price will increase, including during a massive token sales.

The FIBONUM project provides 3 options for generating a profit: active trading, passive income in the form of dividends and a referral program.

You can get the maximum profit (which can reach tens of per cent a day) by actively trading tokens through buying and selling. At every given moment you can estimate how much profit you will make through the buying and selling forms on the website. If the rate goes down, you should not sell your tokens right away, the rate will eventually return to the same values due to our smart contract features.

In addition to increase in the rate, 2% of each new purchase of FCT tokens is distributed as dividends between all token holders.

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